I have been creating music since childhood, my early years with valve tape machines and dangerous valve amps were my grounding for what was to follow. All things that I could get my hands on that were mechanical and electrical and maybe even musical I would delight in. I soon put my realized talent for playing drums and a mixture of the above to good use, and began to build rhythms and compose with various early recording equipment into pieces that I could replay and know I had captured some form of magic that would inspire me for more creation.

Various home studios later I find myself in a very inspirational space that is quite prolific.

Equipment includes.. 

:Yamaha O2R96 Digital Desk

:Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute (Japanese made) Drums

:Mac Pro

:Rme interface

:A vast collection of virtual instruments and hardware recreation

A bespoke contract is always a pleasure and a artistic challenge.

I aspire to create the perfect soundscape here at Woodland View.

A wide unique pallete of style, choice and content, from simple piano pieces, ambient atmospheres, to huge walls of rhythm. IE from "Spring Cottage" to "Battles end"...Take a listen on the audio page....


A creative intelligent sensitive approach to your project.


A thought provoking rhythmic outcome, underpinning scenes that are open for suggestion....


Please call or email to discuss interest in bespoke original TV/Film/documentary game/soundscapes and unique tracks for your Youtube video's

Look forward to hearing from you...